As you probably already know, we have moved our main warehouse to Belgium. But we still have a bunch of coffees in the old UK warehouse, that we want to get out of there. 

Cupping done on Thursday, 22/08/2019

Jamie, Alec, Morten, and Espen cupped all the coffees to see how they are holding up today. The goal is to be strict and honest in scoring and description. We were pleasantly surprised that there is a lot of good stuff here, and a lot of good deals. There are also some coffees that are clearly faded, which we’ve taken down to absurdly low prices.

All the coffees were processed well in origin, and farmers were paid great prices way above what we are selling them for now.

Please reach out to or for questions, samples, or reservations

🇬🇧 Vollers UK warehouse 🇬🇧