We need to make room for new and incoming coffees and have therefore discounted past season crop heavily. If you are in need of some value for money coffees either for some blends, specific products or private label check these coffees out.

These are all coffees that are initially selected based on great cup qualities. They are great value for money, and even if some are from the previous season and have started to fade they can work very well as espressos and/or in blends etc. They are still great compared to other coffees at that price level in the spot market. Many of our clients have started to appreciate our special offer section.

Part of being an importer is to carry the risk of keeping inventory. Some of these coffees are now priced way under what we paid for them, but it is better for us to discount it and get them moved at a loss, rather than sit on them hoping that someone is willing to pay the initial list prices. We do also think it is important to admit that some coffees can perform at a lower level than expected, and/or lose value during storage.

All sales orders are final, no cancellations allowed.

We cupped all the coffees Wednesday October 30th 2019 to see how they are holding up. The goal is to be strict and honest in scoring and description. We were pleasantly surprised that there is a lot of good stuff here, and a lot of good deals.