Reconnecting with our 10 origins after the summer break

After a long and well-deserved vacation, we are all getting back to our daily routines and activities. And, since we know it can be challenging, we thought it would be helpful to share with you an update on the 10 origins from which our coffees are sourced, and in this way, save you time searching for what happened during your summer break.


Check at a glance what to expect for the months ahead, so you can plan your purchases based on seasonality.


Extra: We’ll tell you about our summer sales and some surprises we have in store for you, since we’re turning 10 this year.


If you're looking for more details on all origins, let's dig in!



Currently, we are in the process of preparing all the contracts, negotiating the best price for our producers and obtaining necessary approvals for this origin. 

There are other great names on their way, so if you’re a fan of Brazilian coffee, this is your first wake-up call. 


Colombia has faced some challenges this year, which affect the specialty coffee volumes:

  1. First, due to the long-lasting rain, drying has become more challenging. 

  2. The harvest was delayed, which has been a surprise for the entire supply chain.

  3. Due to the current context worldwide, producers have not had enough access to fertilizers. 

  4. On top of that, as an immediate response to higher prices in coffee, some farmers started to deliver wet parchment instead of drying the coffees, looking for higher quality in the cup. 

Despite the above challenges, we still got you a delicious selection of Colombian lots for you to cup!

Colombia’s second harvest (in Mitaca, Nariño, parts of Huila, Tolima and Antioquia) ended in August, so the coffees are on their way, and we are expecting them in late-September. 

The 1st harvest is expected to start in October, so you can taste the first samples at the end of December and kick off 2023 on a high note. 

A fresh announcement: Tropiq, our sister company, has just opened an office in Colombia to be closer to origin. 

El Salvador

In late August, our warehouse in Belgium received new Salvadoran coffees, and this origin is stepping up its game with some  special preps. 

In El Salvador, we continue to work with Jose Antonio Salaverria & Sons. Here is Andrés telling you what to expect from their coffees, insights on the harvest, and sharing a message for all roasters. Video

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Thanks to our Ethiopia-based Tropiq colleagues, we get to have more hands on the ground, which has allowed us to find more amazing and exciting coffees for your roastery.

It has also helped us to develop exciting new relationships, so we want to introduce our new partners: Yosef Yohannis (Smallholder), Tigist Kebede (Smallholder), Tarku Kare Banata,, Goro Bedessa Coffee Processing Station (Wete Ambela), and MB Coffee PLC.

Almost all of our fresh Ethiopias have made their way into our warehouse and the team has recently cupped the in stock Ethiopias, confirming that the quality is exceptional, and the flavours are wonderful.

Additionally, we still have beautiful coffee coming from Guji and some high-scoring coffee from the Yirgacheffe region in mid-September. 

We promise to prepare a Christmas selection for you real soon.

Heads up: Ethiopia will enter harvesting season in October, but new harvest coffees will not be in Europe until May 2023.

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Honduras is ready!

We have amazing in stock coffees in our warehouse, so they’re just a call or click away. 

It’s good to keep in mind that these coffees tend to have more complexity, depth and richness than other Central American coffees, and this year you have several batches to choose from, including natural, washed, anaerobic washed, extended fermentation natural…

We also have some special concepts, such as our beloved “Bomba de Fruta”.  

Reconnecting with your coffee origins


Funky and unique flavors are afloat and will arrive at the end of september and beginning of October, so get ready for a wild ride!

We are also pre-contracting a few more lots. 

Recently, Morten was in Indonesia speaking with our partners and learning about their projects. 

We have some updates regarding our partners in Frinsa State: they are replanting 40 hectares with our favorite variety Ateng Super, which has now been officially recognized as an Indonesian variety.  Additionally, they are creating more drying spaces to meet the growing demand for the special preps.

Reconnecting with your coffee origins


The last containers of the 2022 season have arrived!

We have plenty of options for your Kenyas this year, as we’ve seen a wider range of flavors in lesser-known growing areas, in part due to innovative pre- and post-harvest implementations.

Some great news: we have started working on a new project in Southern Kenya! In this area, coffees are harvested between May and July, and we will see the first fresh coffees landing in October. If you love natural coffees, and Kenyan flavours, you might want to check these out!  


Joanne, Morten and Enki were recently in Peru visiting the farmers, learning about the supply chain and cupping a big quantity of coffee to choose the best ones for your roastery. 

Peru is in harvest time in the highlands, so we are looking forward to some very interesting micro-lots, and, although it has rained a lot this year, there have been no significant changes.  The first samples are expected to arrive in October. 

We have noticed that the quality of Peru continues to show signs of improvement year after year, and that this country shines for its organic coffees.  Therefore, keep an eye on our offer list, if you are looking for organic coffees for your menu. 

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The harvest is over, and we already have some coffees for you to cup.

We have our first container of washed from Mahembe + Gitesi landed, another one on the water, and naturals picked out and ready to ship 🙂

So more names are expected by October.

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There are two harvests in Uganda: east and west.
  • In West Uganda, harvests are a bit unpredictable, so they vary from year to year.  Arrund may, we received a container from Kingha State as well as a few batches from Bulambuli. Now in September, we’ve received a new one.
  • Harvest season on the east side will start between October to December, which means samples of these coffees will be ready for you around April 2023.
We are proud to announce that we have started a new project in Uganda, The Ibero Project in the town of Bulambuli on Mt. Elgon, in eastern Uganda, close to the Kenyan border. This coffee has just arrived at the end of August.


Summer Sales

We are preparing the space for all the 2022 coffees in our warehouse in Belgium.  Therefore, we are offering this amazing summer sale since we like to clear out the last lots before they get eclipsed by the new arrivals.

This summer sales includes coffees from these origins: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Peru and Rwanda.  

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Anniversary party and Autumn Cupping

2022 is a very special year for us. On October 1st we will celebrate our 10th anniversary, so get ready for a big party, as we would love to celebrate with you.

You must have received an invitation to join us, however, if you haven’t seen it yet, maybe it leaked into your previous emails or just RSVP

The celebration would not be complete without a bunch of coffee, so before the party we will have the last cupping of the year, our “Autumn Cupping”, to find out about the new projects we are developing and taste all the new coffees that are arriving these days from our origins.

It is a unique opportunity. Save your spot here 

Which of these origins is your fav?