We are beyond thrilled to announce the fresh coffee arrivals from Ethiopia. The flavours have blown our minds!

Here is the complete list for you, but time and samples fly, so if you are interested in tasting any (or some), hurry up.


  1. By clicking on the links, you can order samples of each coffee
  2. By contacting us 
    • Reach out to your sales representative
    • If it’s your first time, send an email to coffee@nordicapproach.no or visit the FAQs section at to get answers.
  3. As a third option, you may not see a coffee on the list if we are out of stock. However… don’t worry, we’ll probably have more bags in June, so make sure you speak with your sales representative!

These brand new and stunning profiles deserve your attention!

Coffee arrivals from Ethiopia in our warehouse

In case you are looking for more coffee profiles and other interesting origins, we have a huge selection for you in our Offer list

You can choose from a lot of coffees from Peru, Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Indonesia.

Coffee arrivals from Ethiopia
Photo by Tropiq

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