Ethiopian Beans and Nordic Approach will merge and cooperate on all activities in Ethiopia from this harvest and on-wards.
Goal: To be able to supply the best Ethiopian Coffees ever!!

We, Seife Tuloskorpi from Ethiopian Beans, Morten Wennersgaard and Tim Wendelboe from Nordic Approach have always had a good relationship and shared the values and goals in regards to work systematically in Ethiopia for quality. Many of our clients buy from both companies, and we think it will be a great strength to cooperate rather than compete.

We are currently working on a structure where Nordic Approach will manage the spot sales for the coffees from both companies, and Seife from Ethiopian Beans will have more time to be active on the ground in Ethiopia to secure logistics and supply. It will eventually work as one organization under Nordic Approach, with ground staff presented in Ethiopia.

Seife will also do FOB sales and support roasters internationally that wants a direct shipment from Ethiopia on great trace able quality coffees. The coffees will still be under the transparency and quality criteria of Nordic Approach.

What we want to achieve:

Cupping – Access the best qualities Ethiopia has to offer through actively work on quality control and cupping. Both Seife and Morten from Nordic Approach will be there during the season to cup, ensure quality control and select the coffees.

Projects – initiate sustainable projects to look at experiments on processing and increased quality.

Samples – follow up on samples and trace ability. Access pre shipment samples being present in origin makes it easier. We will also be able to pre sell coffees and get hem out in time.

Milling – follow up our coffees in the  dry mills and dialogue with the Unions, producers and exporters.

Shipment – secure efficient transport and shipment to destination.

FOB sales – access really good quality of fully trace able coffees for FOB sales to clients that are taking coffee direct from origin.

What does it mean for Ethiopian Beans clients and coffees?

The clients that are already buying from Ethiopian Beans will still have priority up on arrival of coffees

The coffees from Ethiopian Beans will still be available, but from the Nordic Approach offer list. The only difference will be that it will all be handled and invoiced by Nordic Approach in Oslo.

We will work out warehousing, transport and handling so there will be minimal changes for the existing clients.

We are really excited about this new take on Ethiopia, and are sure we will be able to supply even better and more unique coffees through this project.

Stay well –

Warm regards from Nordic Approach & Ethiopian Beans

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