Incoming coffee, and an update on politics:
We have bought a bunch of great Kenyans, and some are already on the way to Eniti in the UK. They will arrive around the 25th of April. We do have some limited amounts of pre-ship samples available.

The second container will soon be on the way to Oslo and will arrive beginning of May. The 3rd shipment is just about to be finalized and we will keep you posted. All in all I think we  will have somewhere around 15 different Kenyan lots available. A few are from Nyeri, and the rest is from Kirinyaga and Kiambu.

As many of you are aware of there is a political situation in Nyeri that has limited our access to the coffees we would normally buy. Short story is that the newly elected governor is forcing the farmers and cooperatives to deliver their parchment to the governmental dry mill, and they are only to be sold and marketed through a certain exporter under their control. We do not support this act, and even if we have been offered these coffees through that system we have refused to buy any.  First of all, we don’t believe supporting this system benefits the farmers longer term, and second we are afraid of buying because of the lack of traceability, possible milling issues, and potential quality issues after delivery.

The good thing is that this situation has forced us to look in to new regions and cooperatives. Quality is great, some have very similar profiles to what we have previously bought, and others are great Kenyans with slightly different character that we had in the past. Even if the situation in Nyeri is getting solved I am sure we will continue buying Kenyans from many of these Coops in the future as they really stand out as some of the best coffees I have tasted so far this year. We were present in Kenya to cup and select coffees in four different periods after end of the harvest.

Check out the new offer list here!