Is your roastery buying volumes of 100 bags or more? Are you in a position to take on some additional financial risk? If you answered yes to these two questions you could save your business money by buying direct from origin.

Our sister company, Tropiq, offers sourcing services for companies seeking high quality, traceable and ethically sourced coffees. Tropiq began as the sourcing department of Nordic Approach and was established as its own company in 2017, borne of a desire to significantly increase the scale of high scoring specialty coffee.

Tropiq is currently sourcing in Ethiopia, and the time to buy Ethiopias is now.

Ethiopian coffees are known for needing some time to rest before they open up. Cupping coffees before this rest can be challenging, the flavors can be muted or hidden and sometimes it’s hard to see through the grape-like astringency. Once the coffee has opened up, it is easier to see the true profiles and attributes of the coffee. 

So, we try to be patient. Even if there are coffees in the warehouses ready to be contracted and shipped in February and March, we know there will be beautiful coffees to cup during April and May. This is true for washed coffees, and even more so for naturals, as the better naturals usually arrive later in the season. It is pretty usual for us to offer coffees at this time of year and ship throughout June and July.

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