Why do we create concept coffees? 

As a key part of our work, we are always looking for ways to add value within the supply chains we work in and to the production of coffee by creating quality programs in small communities.

For this reason, we develop concept coffees in some of the origins from which we source.This allows us to develop a wider product range, build good quality protocols, supply fully traceable coffees, offer solid premiums to our producers and connect them with different markets.

As Joanne – head of procurement at our sister company Tropiq says “Creating different concepts in part provides practical solutions to the types of production that exist in different countries, but also allows us to bring into focus the producers or aspects of production that we want to centre on and create a differentiated brand for these producers from their product.”

In Peru, we select micro-lots of the high-performing coffees at lot sizes between 10 – 20 bags. Additionally, we create blends from the same communities where the coffees are exceptional, but the lots are too small to buy individually. As always, we pay high premiums for quality, well above the local price. 

Concept coffees from Peru

Flor de Selva 

It is one of our value-added communal producer blend concepts that is part of a sourcing program through our partner Origin Coffee Lab. 

This lot is made up of coffee from producers in the surroundings of the village Rumpite in La Coipa. They are smallholders with 1-3 hectares each that have their small individual benificios where they depulp, ferment, wash and dry the coffee themselves. 

Estrella Divina

Another communal blend from 72 producers in the same region as “Flor de Selva”, developed together with Origin Coffee Lab. 

The lots are evaluated separately before they are approved for this high-quality blend. The farmers are part of a program called Solidario where they receive training on-farm practices and post-harvest production.


Condorpuna is one out of two concept coffees we do through Norcafe. It is a Cooperative of young adults from coffee-producing communities. Their mission is to involve young people who are committed to generating value within the supply chain and to provide small producers with access to more markets. 

This communal blend is made up of coffee from a group of 35 small farmers in Lonya Grande in Amazonas. 

The name refers to “Condorpuna” – the highest hill in the central mountain range that divides the hydrographic basins of the Utcubamba and Marañón rivers. 

La Perla

This is the second coffee concept that we developed together with our partner Norcafe Cooperative. This blend comes from a project called Café Mujer, which brings together only women producers. Through training and support, the initiative seeks to empower women so that they can improve the quality of the cup, and obtain better income for their families through the application of good farming practices.  

La Higuera

This is a communal producer blend from 10 -15 smallholders located close to the village La Higuera in the north of Peru.

Each of the farmers has around 1-3 hectares, but they are too small to produce enough coffee to have stand-alone lots, so we created this blend together with Origin Coffee Lab. This provides a starting point for more future investments to produce higher qualities over time. 

Surely you will want to know more about each of these Concept coffees

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